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My final Race Rig

My final Race Rig for I-Racing. For online racing, this was about as good as it gets without a full motion seat.

surround sound with vibration units built into the left and right of the seat. If you hit the apex on the left you could feel it, same on the right. if the car juddered under breaking then both units kicked in. Triple screen monitors with over 5000 pixels wide. Thrust master gear change and wheel and pedals. Working clutch and full telemetry of the car on the  I-Pad. I will post up some videos on the video page to show just how good it is.  I used an old converter running machine that gave me all the metal supports needed to hold the three monitors and also the ability to move the seat back and forth on fixed runners, I  added some woodwork to hold the iPad for the telemetry software and the gear shift.

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