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Wonky Joystick Productions.

Videos For Fun.

By David Lawrence.

A Few years ago I was diagnosed with a with a condition called Essential tremor, It's now called Dystonia but it means over a period of time the fine motion control in my hands and neck and voice get very shaky. It now looks like I also have the start of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis or M.E as we know it..On a good day, its hard to tell that I have any problems but on a bad day I can't hold a cup without throwing it over somebody. 

I had Helicopter lessons many years ago and found it was only taking off and landing that interested me. With my RC Helicopter, I was quite a good 3D Aerobatic pilot and this was in the days before solid state Gyros came along, so inverted upside down forward or backward it doesn't bother me. But alas as my condition became worse I had to give up RC Helicopters, it was getting very expensive. So what better hobby than online Sim Racing.


I have been a very competitive sim racer for over fifteen years and have built many sim rigs in that time. But as my condition began to get worse again I started looking for something else and so I tried DCS just For the Huey and then purchased X-Plane.

I am building a helicopter simulator that can support my arm and neck better when I am flying, I gave up my triple screen set-up and moved over to a large flat screen and also use the Oculus Rift S. When making videos, the tremor shows up especially on the Oculus Rift and also in my voice. But that's life and you just have to do the best you can. 

I recently retired as the managing director of one of the oldest telescope companies in the world Broadhurst Clarkson & Fuller and was also the UK managing director for Telescope House and Bresser UK importing and selling Optics from our parent company Bresser.de. With a bit more time on my hands and a love of Helicopters I started making "Videos For Fun". Under my, Youtube name "Wonky Joystick Productions" So far the X-Plane community have been very generous with kind with its comments and so I decided "Videos for fun" and who cares! let's just see what happens.


Dave Lawrence

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Sergio From Helisimmer.com and I met up at the RAF Cosford flight Sim Show.

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